Lift Chooser

At Mainline Equipment we are very aware of how many different sizes and shapes of aerial lift there are and how difficult it can be to find the right one for your project. We carry machines from a 19' scissor lift to a 125' articulated boom lift.

Mainline also offers manufacturer qualified training in the safe operation of scissor and boom lifts - please click here for details.

Choosing the right lift for the job

Typical Scissor Lift
First of all. what height do you need to reach? The distance from the base of the platform to the ground is called the 'platform height'. The 'working height' of the machine is the platform height plus 6 feet. So, if you are working on guttering and the height you need to work at is 35 feet, you need a 29 feet or above lift.

Secondly, can you get right up to the area you are working at, or is it over an obstruction such as a roof? Most scissor lifts have deck extensions that go out approx. 3 feet, any further than that and a boom lift is needed.

Below is a diagram showing a general working envelope for a boom lift.
Typical Articulated Boom Lift
Stowed (collapsed) dimensions Finally, what details are specific to the site? Ask yourself these questions:
  • What is the minimum gap I have to get through to get the unit where I need it?
  • Where is the nearest flat, level ground to set up the unit?
  • What terrain will I have to traverse to get the unit where I need it to be?
  • What weight will the site take? The weight of machines varies drastically depending on the type and size.
These are all factors in choosing the right machine for your job.
Stowed length and height

If you are unsure about the terrain, or cannot decide from these specs, please contact one of our branches to have one of our experienced personnel assist you.